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Drone Protest for the Review Journal

"What does it take for me to get arrested?" asked Cynthia Papermaster, 70, as she laid in the road. Impeding traffic was enough of an offense, as members of LVMPD reluctantly handcuffed her. Creech Air Force Base and the small town it is near, Indian Springs, are located about an hour outside  of Las Vegas. It is also home to one of the largest drone programs run by the Air Force. The drones flown out of Creech are responsible for flying missions all over the world. A group of protestors gathered there to express their displeasure with the program. The protest was generally peaceful and the police acted professionally. There are similar protests all over the country near other bases involved in the drone program.  

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WAL Championships for The Observer

The World Arm Wrestling League (WAL) has all the bravado of professional wrestling with the same competitive legitimacy of UFC. I arrived for WAL's annual championship held at The Orleans in Las Vegas. My main focus was on the British competitor "Mighty" Paul Maiden and his recent comeback from a life threatening illness. On the first day I setup a backdrop in the wrestler registration area for to do some portraits. On the second and third day I mostly focused on the competition and doing one light portraits around the arena. The whole event was such a blast to shoot and filled with so many interesting competitors.   

Flora Pop for the Wall Street Journal by Las Vegas Professional Photographer Jacob Kepler

As someone who has traveled around the county, living in a van, I have always really liked the look of these teardrop shaped trailers with their stainless steel finish. I would have never though of turning it into a business, which is exactly what Victoria Hogan from Flora Pop did. Flora Pop is a full service, all inclusive pop-up wedding service. Hogan travels to various places around Las Vegas, uses the trailer as a sort of altar, and is licensed to officiate the wedding. We met near Nelson's Landing for the photos.

Les Grossman

Les Grossman is a longtime concert promoter and entertainment executive who has worked with acts like The Who and Led Zepplin. He is such an interesting guy that he is portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie Tropic Thunder.  He lives on the edge of Vegas, so I decided to meet him at his home for the photo. I took a bunch of photos, but liked these the best because of a the great light you get at night in Las Vegas when the city's lights bounce off the clouds.