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Christie Vanover from Girls Can Grill for the Wall Street Journal by Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

"Glamping"—luxe camping that goes beyond heading into the wilderness with just a tent and sleeping bag—has its fair share of perks. When heading to the wilderness for a spot of upscale camping, it can be nice to up your meal options, says National Park Service ranger Christie Vanover. I met Mrs. Vanover at Lake Meade National Recreation Area where she was preparing a gourmet meal in a fire pit with just a grill and cast iron pans. As an avid camper, I was definitely taking notes for my next camping trip. You can check out her blog Girls Can Grill

Autonomous Driving Audi for Wired

I was a little nervous the first time I hopped into the autonomous driving Audi designed by Delphi. A crew from Delphi and I traveled around the streets of Las Vegas as the car and its self driving computer system navigated the streets. It was a pretty smooth transition and I quickly found myself trusting the car. I was told that the car had successfully traveled thousands of miles and had only been in a few accidents, non of which were its fault. It was a pretty exciting look of about ten years into the future.

Solar Industry Layoffs for The Guardian

Some recent photos of workers in the solar industry who are either losing their jobs or are being forced to transfer to another state to keep their job.  The decision to replace economic incentives with new higher fees pulled the carpet out from under an industry that provided 8,700 jobs in the state last year, according to the Solar Foundation, and stranded some 17,000 homeowners who have already gone solar with a financial liability on their rooftops. Homeowners who are suing NV Energy in a class action estimate the new rates add 40% to their monthly bills, while reducing the amount they get paid for the solar energy their panels produce by 18%.

Wayne Newton for Die Welt

Wayne Newton is called Mr. Las Vegas for a reason. He is a true Vegas icon who started performing in Las Vegas before he was old enough to get into the clubs he was performing in. We met Mr. Newton at Casa de Shenandoah, his former sprawling estate which has recently been turned into a museum. My favorite story he told was about the time he went over the head of a connected television entertainer to buy a stake in the Aladdin Hotel. After the deal, because of this entertainers connections, the mob put a hit out on him. The whole thing called off by his longtime friend Frank Sinatra, who apparently had better connections within the organized crime community. The story was about his car collection, so most of our time was spent in his garage. I utilized a two to three light setup for most of the photos.