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Showing posts from February, 2016

Mi Familia Vota for the Wall Street Journal by Las Vegas Photographer Jacob Kepler

Nevada has recently been buzzing with political activity because of its recent caucuses and swing state status. I recently met Pamela Zamora, a senior at Las Vegas High School, and Arturo Gonzalez, a second year student at the College of Southern Nevada, to photograph them as they volunteered to register voters for Mi Familia Vota, on the campus of UNLV. Mi Familia Vota is the organization behind a huge effort to get Latinos to become citizens and register to vote in time for the November election.

Flora Pop for the Wall Street Journal by Las Vegas Professional Photographer Jacob Kepler

As someone who has traveled around the county, living in a van, I have always really liked the look of these teardrop shaped trailers with their stainless steel finish. I would have never though of turning it into a business, which is exactly what Victoria Hogan from Flora Pop did. Flora Pop is a full service, all inclusive pop-up wedding service. Hogan travels to various places around Las Vegas, uses the trailer as a sort of altar, and is licensed to officiate the wedding. We met near Nelson's Landing for the photos.

Bryan O'Neill for the Cover of IBM Systems Magazine

A recent photo shoot for the cover of IBM Systems Magazine about Allegiant Air's Linux expert Bryan O'Neil. We met at McCarran International Airport at the Allegiant hanger and were able to use a couple of the planes as props. The planes were a little cumbersome to move so we had to really play around with light as we ended up shooting during the brightest part of the day. The light really reflected off all the concrete at the airport so we really had to shade the subject and set the strobes to overpower the sun. I really like the way the cover turned out.

Hangover Bus for Entrepreneur Magazine by Las Vegas Photographer Jacob Kepler

If you are visiting Las Vegas and are planning on having a little to much fun, the Hangover Bus might just be the thing for you. Here are some recent photos I did for Entrepreneur Magazine of Dr. Jason Burke and his business. Basically, the bus parks at the hotel you are staying at and you sit inside the bus for treatments. They offer iv's filled with vitamins, medications and electrolytes to get you back on your feet. The treatments cost around $200, but they make sense when you consider all the money you spend of your hotel, flight, show tickets, etc.