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Undocumented by Las Vegas Photojournalist

I was lucky enough to photograph CSN student body president Brenda Romero for a recent assignment.  Romero's husband is currently serving in the Navy and she lives the live of a normal college student. Romero is also undocumented, and being undocumented prevents her from receiving student loans and other similar services. It was great to have the opportunity to put a face on a story that is so prominent with the rise of presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Paula Bishop for LIVESTRONG

Recent photos of a shoot I did for LIVESTRONG for the "Success Story" feature on their website. Paula Bishop has lost 100 pounds by changing to a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis. We met at her home and walked to a park where she regularly trains at to get some workout photos. After that we went to her house for some additional photos. It always amazes me the amount of organization and work it takes to make a big life change like what Paula did.  I was an inspirational shoot and made me start a new workout program of my own.