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Foxcatcher Executive Producer Michael Coleman for Columbia University

Here are some recent photos of Michael Coleman an Executive Producer from the movie Foxcatcher. The movie stars Steve Carell, Channing Tatum,Vanessa Redgrave and Mark Ruffalo.The University asked me to take the photos with him looking right and on the phone. They also aced for lighting that looked more on the natural side.  "The film's plot is loosely based on the events surrounding multimillionaire E.I. du Pont family heir and wrestling enthusiast John E. du Pont's 1986 recruitment of 1984 U.S. Olympic gold medalist wrestlers Mark Schultz and his older brother Dave to help coach U.S. wrestlers for participation in national, world, and Olympic competition, and the subsequent murder of Dave by du Pont in January 1996."

future HAUS for the Wall Street Journal (Las Vegas Corporate Event Photography)

Here are some recent images I took of future HAUS for the Wall Street Journal. The future HAUS is a kitchen designed by Virginia Tech University researchers and displayed at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. The display features touch screens on everything and all the appliances are controlled via the internet. This dishwasher will inform you when you are out of soap, food containers are on scales so they will let you know when supplies are running low, and appliances will offer unprecedented automation. 

Gladys Knight by Las Vegas Professional Photographer Jacob Kepler

Here are some recent photos I took of singing great Gladys Knight for her new album, which was released late last year. The record company and I decided to shoot the photos inside a giant house located in Las Vegas. We ended up getting a ton of time for the photos and everyone involved was great to work with. I used a giant Westcott umbrella for most of the photos and mixed it with natural light and artificial back lighting. A special thanks to Jenna Dosch and Rudy Ortega for their help.