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Showing posts from December, 2010

Foreclosed Upon Pets

Here are a couple photos I recently took of Sandy Marsh. She is the founder of Foreclosed Upon Pets, an organization that rescues and finds homes for animals displaced because of the recession.

Behind the Scenes

I was recently hired by Cirque du Soleil to take some behind the scenes photos of events that were happening at each of their seven Las Vegas shows it was a great opportunity to see all the things that make Cirque so special.

Hoover Dam: 75 Years

Over the summer I  had the opportunity to work with videographer/photographer Terry Lownethal on a video about the 75th anniversary of the Hoover Dam.  I got to climb around all the different areas of the dam and through its hand carved tunnels. The bottom of the dam has a spot where you have to watch your head because people will drop change on you from over 720 feet. The temperature also hovered around 118 degrees for the entire time we were there.

Tony Hsieh, is one of the few promising businesses in Las Vegas that doesn't directly relate to gaming. Here are some photos I recently did of Tony Hsieh, CEO of retailer and author the new book 'Delivering Happiness,' for the UK based magazine 'The Royal Mail.'