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Krave Nightclub's Moulin Rouge 2 Event

Know as the nations #1 alternative lifestyle club, Krave held its annual Moulin Rouge event this past weekend. The only gay nightclub on The Strip celebrated with a night filled with dwarfs, donkeys, cross dressers, clowns and really dirty dancing.

Lt. Frances Dixon for Tufts University

Here are a couple of photos I recently shot of Air Force Lieutenant Frances Dixon for the Tufts University alumni magazine. The photos were taken just outside Las Vegas near Creech Air Force Base. I wasn't allowed anywhere near the base so we decided to take the photo out in the desert. She was responsible for flying the unmanned drone aircraft and had recently flown several humanitarian missions over earthquake damaged Haiti. She was a very interesting and accomplished person who shoulders a tremendous amount of responsibility.


Here are some recent clips from assignments around Las Vegas.


Robert Ensler runs an e-commerce site revolving around the Rat Pack, and is a Dean Martin impersonator. "The coolest plate in town." Ensler says. “I am embarrassed to have it on this car.”
Here is a video the Las Vegas Weekly did. Some of the video is from when I was taking their picture so you can see the back of my head in a couple of the shots.