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I just got back from Central America and had some time to take some pictures on a trip through Nicaragua. We visited the capital of Managua, the city of Granada, two volcanoes and a fresh water lake that had sharks living in it. While driving through the country we were pulled over by police for not exceeding the speed limit, but for driving faster than the area would allow. They let us go for a $10 bribe. This is a standard practice in Central America as bribing the police for traffic offenses usually costs between $2 and $10. It can also take as much as $200 in bribes to drive from Mexico to Costa Rica.

Aerial Photogrpher

I recently had the opportunity to ride around in an R-22 for a couple hours and take photos of The Strip and Nevada Solar One. An R-22 is a little two seat helicopter that is great for shooting photos. They took the doors off and it just had a regular car seat and car lap belt that didn't restrict movement. The pilot said it would only feel like I was going to fall out, but the cyntriphical force would keep me safe inside the helicopter. I dangled my feet out the door at one point and found it to be a very relaxing ride. 

Las Vegas Weekly Cover

Here is a photo of the Rev. Deacon Bonnie Polley the the Las Vegas Weekly recently used as a cover shot.