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Showing posts from September, 2009

THOR at the Palms

THOR at the Bus Stop is being shown at Brenden Theaters inside the Palms starting September 25th, which is tonight. It is playing just like any other movie.  Here is some promotional stuff for the movie that I have seen around town. THOR is a movie that I did promotional photographs for last summer.  

Molycorp Mine

Here are some photos I did of the Molycorp Mountain Pass mine in Mountain Pass, California for Bloomberg News which ended up as a gallery on the Wall Street Journal's website. Molycorp Minerals LLC is the only U.S. company that produces rare earths, and they are planning on expanding their operations by $400 million. Rare earths are used in hybrid cars, computer chips, and televisions. China currently makes up about 90% of the rare earths output.

Now What?

Phil Lacasse was released from prison three months ago after serving more than ten years for armed robbery. He was desperately looking for work but hopeful for his situation. I met him at his halfway house and he was able to sign out for 45 minutes to do the photos. We hopped into my car and drove around for a few minutes until we came to some railroad tracks. Railroad tracks are an irresistible location for photos when your time is limited. We hopped out off the car, I set up some lights, and we took the photos. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is for parolees to find work and get their life back together.  

Lt. Colin Webb

Here are some recent photos I shot of Lt. Colin Webb, Division of Parole and Probation,  for a story on the difficulties of making your way back into society once you are released from prison.  He was seemed very mild mannered which, I imagine, is a good trait for a parole officer.

FREAKS! part two

I had the opportunity to take some more photos of the cast of The Las Vegas show Freaks this weekend.  It was another great time that lasted until the early morning hours.