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Hoover Dam Bypass

Here is a recent assignment I shot to show the current progress of the Hoover Dam Bypass. The bypass is a pretty amazing thing to see, especially since it is located next to the Hoover Dam. The finishing touches are being done to the support beam that links the two sides together. It definitely makes the Hoover Dam, a place I always have to go when someone visits me from outside of town, a lot more interesting.  The bottom photos are a couple Polaroids I shot while photographing the bypass.  I shot them using a Polaroid backed Holga.  The temperature was around 115 degrees that day and kept melting the glue that holds the Polaroid together. Every time I would let the Polaroid cook, it would just start peeling apart on its own.     

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Flora Pop for the Wall Street Journal by Las Vegas Professional Photographer Jacob Kepler

As someone who has traveled around the county, living in a van, I have always really liked the look of these teardrop shaped trailers with their stainless steel finish. I would have never though of turning it into a business, which is exactly what Victoria Hogan from Flora Pop did. Flora Pop is a full service, all inclusive pop-up wedding service. Hogan travels to various places around Las Vegas, uses the trailer as a sort of altar, and is licensed to officiate the wedding. We met near Nelson's Landing for the photos.

Les Grossman

Les Grossman is a longtime concert promoter and entertainment executive who has worked with acts like The Who and Led Zepplin. He is such an interesting guy that he is portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie Tropic Thunder.  He lives on the edge of Vegas, so I decided to meet him at his home for the photo. I took a bunch of photos, but liked these the best because of a the great light you get at night in Las Vegas when the city's lights bounce off the clouds.

Hydeia Broadbent for Poz Magazine

I recently had the opportunity to photograph activist Hydeia Broadbent for the cover of POZ Magazine. In 1984, Broadbent was born with HIV, and addicted to crack and heroin. She began her activism at the age of six by appearing on TV shows like Oprah and speaking at the National Institutes of Health.  Currently, she works as an author and continues to speak internationally on the subject of HIV/AIDS.       I met Broadbent at my studio and did some quick change lighting setups for most of the portraits. We also walked around the grounds to get some additional photos.