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The Point

Arena Football Championship

Here is a recent assignment I had to shoot the ArenaCup title game at The Orleans Arena.  The Spokane Shock defeated the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers 74-27 in what turned into a blowout. It was great shooting football again, even if it was arena football.  It has been a few years since I photographed my last football game, and I really enjoyed photographing this one. When I worked for The Daily Item in Sunbury, PA I would photograph around four a week. It made me remember the times I had to drive all over coal country shooting various high school teams and colleges like Penn State and Bucknell.  Maybe it made me feel a little sentimental to do that again, but not for long.

Liberace Museum Benefit

I was brought in by the Liberace Foundation and Museum to photograph their Cabaret benefit last night.  The event included many members of the Broadway-Las Vegas community with much of the event being organized by Jersey Boys' conductors Philip Fortenberry and Keith Thompson. The goal of the event was to raise money to help maintain and promote the Cabaret room at the museum.  The photo above is of Christopher Joel Carter during a standing ovation he received at the event.  Carter is the featured pianist at the M Resort and winner of the Showmanship division of the 2008 Liberace Piano Competition. Space was tight so they stuck me in a corner in the back, but the event was still very entertaining.

The Master of Miniatures

Here are some photos of the artist Frank James. He builds miniature buildings out of found materials and is currently attempting to raise money to build a World Trade Center memorial. James was a pretty interesting guy and I spent a few hours with him mostly just talking. During his life he has done many things including designing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's bed.

Nino and Christine

Here are some photos from the recent wedding of Nino and Christine at the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas. I have shot many other things at the Ritz-Carlton and always think it is one of my favorite places to shoot. One of my favorite things about their wedding was the gigantic table of candy.

Vegas Vittles

I have recently had the opportunity to photograph to very different restaurants. The first is Wazuzu in the Encore. It is run by Executive Chef Jet Tila, but I mostly photographed Master Sushi Chef Masaru Matsuura as he prepared something called live sushi.  Wazuzu is one of the few places that you can get live sushi in Las Vegas.  Live sushi is considered the pinnacle of traditional Japanese raw-fish cuisine and is exactly what is sounds like, sushi that is still alive. The lobster dish that was served was still squirming around on the plate as it was being consumed.  I think it would be difficult to eat something that is literally watching you as you eat it.    
The last few photos are from Rhumbar which is located at The Mirage. I photographed the bar on a Monday night so it was a little empty inside. I don't know what it is like on the weekends, but it seemed like a great place to sit and enjoy the evening.  There were plenty of designer drinks to enjoy and a great view of The …

Cooling Off

Everyone needs to get away from time to time, especially if you live in the Mojave Desert in August. The temperatures consistently tops 110 degrees. The nearest escape in Mount Charleston, which is only about 20 minutes from Las Vegas' city limits. When we left our home it was 109 degrees, and when we arrived in Mount Charleston for our hike, it was 65 degrees. We opted for a late evening hike to Mary Jane Falls and a quick run through its very refreshing waters.    

Hoover Dam Bypass

Here is a recent assignment I shot to show the current progress of the Hoover Dam Bypass. The bypass is a pretty amazing thing to see, especially since it is located next to the Hoover Dam. The finishing touches are being done to the support beam that links the two sides together. It definitely makes the Hoover Dam, a place I always have to go when someone visits me from outside of town, a lot more interesting.  The bottom photos are a couple Polaroids I shot while photographing the bypass.  I shot them using a Polaroid backed Holga.  The temperature was around 115 degrees that day and kept melting the glue that holds the Polaroid together. Every time I would let the Polaroid cook, it would just start peeling apart on its own.