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Comic Oasis owner Derrick Taylor

Comic Oasis in Las Vegas is owned by Derrick Taylor. The store is currently nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, the industry's highest honor. He was a super nice guy who had a really great attitude toward his business. One of the things the store is known for is bringing in people like Spiderman creator Stan Lee and Lee Bermejo, who has designed many of the Steven King book covers. He also has them do limited edition printings just for the store. I took some photos inside the store, but liked the superhero mural that was painted on the outside of the building's windows.  I tried to light the photo so the he would look similar a comic book character.


The top photo was shot for an ad for the Harrah's show "Freaks," a sideshow style show on the Strip. The performers and I decided to take as many photos as we could fit into the scheduled photo session.  We met for photos at their stage in O'Sheas. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to get to shoot something like this. It was a big blur of moving lights and and trying to pack in as many photos as we could during our time. I was surprised at how much abuse they put their bodies through on a daily basis.   
The Las Vegas Sun described the show as "Perverse, revolting, raunchy, offensive and deserving of many other derogatory adjectives, “Freaks” is what might happen if John Waters and Quentin Tarantino went halfsies on a Vegas showroom."
People attending the show are given a waver with language like "Must be 18 years or older. Partial nudity, adult language, gross-out stunts and simulated clown-on-clown sex." 

Scott Ziegler

This is famous producer Scott Ziegler. He has worked on Las Vegas shows like Mel Brooks' "The Producers," and "The Phantom: Las Vegas Spectacular." Has also produced the legendary rock opera "Tommy" by The Who. I took his photo at The Phantom Theater in the Venitian.  My favorite photo from the day was while he was checking his cellphone as I finished my lighting tests.

Rev. Deacon Bonnie Polley

Finally back from Northern California and the High Sierras. Here is a photo of the Rev. Deacon Bonnie Polley. She is chaplain at the Clark County Detention Center and has held that position for the last 26 years. The Detention Center is a maximum security facility that currently runs at a little over maximum capacity. We spoke for a while and she said that she had ministered to many people including O.J. Simpson and and that prisoners usually came in waves.  She said that there were currently a new group of child killers being held at the facility. Every time I took here photo she would say "Jesus" because it would help her smile.