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Bebe Rose

This is Bebe Rose, the wife of Jim Rose from the Jim Rose Circus.  I did some promotional photos for the Jim Rose Circus a few days ago and this is an extra photo I shot.

Rick Lax and His Old Man Mask

Lawyer, magician and writer, Rick Lax, wore this very real looking old man mask on The Strip for a Las Vegas Weekly article. The article talked about Lax's experiences in the mask and how it was different from his normal life.  The mask looked incredibly real and even had these creepy looking eyebrows.  I was lucky that Rick, who is young, was able to accommodate my request to jump with his walker. We drew a crowd of around 40 tourists as we were taking the photo. I didn't really notice the people that gathered around because my back was to them. Ignorance is bliss!  If I would have known about the crowd I think I would have felt self conscious.

The Jim Rose Circus

This is a promotional photo I did for the Jim Rose Circus. Jim Rose and his circus are best known for appearances on television shows The Simpsons, X Files, and David Letterman.  They also toured in Lollapalooza, with Nine Inch Nails and other bands.   The group is going on tour with professional wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts and needed a photo to distribute to media. Many people believe the character from the movie The Wrestler was based on Roberts' life. It was great to meet Jim and his wife and hear about their stories from the road.   

Tatiana and Mauricio

Some photos of Tatiana and Mauricio from Columbia.  They had a small wedding ceremony at the Bellagio that they streamed to their family in South America.  They didn't speak much English so most of the time when I would take their portrait they would just start making out. I guess the Columbians are very passionate people.


This is the once-promising, local-hardcore punk band Anthems.  They live in different parts of the country and were supposed to reunite to play a show, but the show got canceled.  So they decided to amicably split again.  I met them outside of Alamo Rehearsal Space.  There was a mechanic next door, so I posed and lit them on a old car seat in front of a cool blue garage door. It was a great spot, but wreaked of urine.

Thor at the Bus Stop movie poster

I got my copy of the Thor at the Bus Stop movie poster last weekend.  Thor at the Bus Stop was a movie that I shot the publicity photos for this past summer.  It was definitely a good way to fully experience the Vegas summer heat because some of the shooting days topped out at around 115 degrees.  It was a lot of fun to shoot and meet all the people associated with the movie. I am looking forward to seeing the final edit of the movie in June at Cinevegas.

Price of Beautiful

I spent part of the weekend taking still photos for the short film "Price of Beautiful."  The photos were being taken as part of a still photography demonstration I was asked to give to a group of UNLV graduate students enrolled in the school's film program.