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Ziggy, Lake Mead and Dead Tail Syndrome

I took my dog Ziggy with me to Lake Mead while I was shooting some photos for a drought story. The lake is shockingly low this year. Every time the lake recedes further, the trash on the bottom of the lake is exposed. In some areas the lake has receded almost two miles. This makes the shore of the lake a smelly, muddy mess. I didn't realize how bad it was or I would have left my dog at home. He had a great time playing in the mud and swimming in the lake.  He even found a dirty diaper at one point.  Today, he has Dead Tail Syndrome. This is something that occurs in hunting dogs when they play in  the water.  Their tails just hang limply.  It takes a few days to two weeks for his tail to heal. It is good that there is no real damage to his tail, but I have never really seen him this depressed.

John 3:16 Cook: God's showman.

Longtime homeless advocate, John 3:16 Cook and his wife, Magical Marissa--a witch, metaphysicist and astrologer, sit by their homeless shelter on wheels that once served the Las Vegas community.  Cook, best known for being a street preacher and his several unsuccessful bids for local political office, is currently battling lung cancer.  When I met him for this photo he said his weight had dropped from 180 pounds to under 100. He shared several stories with me like the time their mobile mission was shot with buckshot because certain people didn't agree with a priest being married to a witch.  You can see the bullet holes in the van between the back two windows in the photo.  The van, which is currently inoperable, sat in the yard next to the trailer the couple rent. I took several photos of the pair but liked this one next to the mission the best.

Steve the Liar, Double Down Host

Steve the Liar, bouncer at the Double Down for the Las Vegas weekly


After spending part of last week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival and having the opportunity to meet movie photographer Nels Israelson. I was inspired to shoot some old Hollywood-style photography.
Here are some photos of Shani.  An aspiring model & actress, Shani is originally from Israel and currently resides in Hollywood.