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The Mint 400

In 1971 Hunter S. Thompson was hired to cover The Mint 400 for Sports Illustrated. Thompson later wrote of his experiences in the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This was certainly incentive enough to attend the race. Local writer Jeff Pope and I spent the day watching the race from the pits and choking on dust.

The Gamblers

I recently photographed Dave Hickey and Libby Lumpkin for the Las Vegas Weekly.
Dave Hickey is one of the most controversial and leading intellectuals in the United States.  Along with his wife, curator Libby Lumpkin, the couple bet on Vegas with him assembling a team of graduate students, many of whom have gone to renowned institutions , while she helped curated purchase and display Steve Wynn's famously successful Bellagio exhibit in 1999.  Eventually she wound up head of the Las Vegas Art Museum.  She then resigned rather than cut costs at a museum which subsequently folded.  In their view they bet it all gambling on the future of art in Vegas and failed.

Mike and Mika

Here are some photos of Los Angeles couple Mike and Mika.  We decided to take the photos on Fremont St. to show some of the older areas of Las Vegas.

Hoop Madness

This photo was shot while working on a story about March Madness for the Las Vegas Weekly.  It was shot at Jerry's Nugget, a small casino, far away from the Strip.  It is the type of place where the same people you see gambling at noon on Wednesday will be playing the same games on a Saturday at 10 PM.  It is primarily a place for Las Vegas locals.  It is always interesting to see people at the sports books and the amount in information and stats people compile for games of chance.

Skiing, Golf and Bankruptcy

It is pretty common to see bad financial news coming from Las Vegas these days.  Here is a photo I shot for Bloomberg Markets Magazine at the luxury resort Lake Las Vegas.  The story is about how Credit Suisse made $3.4 billion in loans to various luxury resorts around the country who are currently in bankruptcy or default.  Lake Las Vegas is one of the bankrupt resorts and has $540 million in outstanding loans.

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

Myron Martin and Richard Johnson, the two presidents of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, began completing plans for the groundbreaking of the center .  The $500 million center will host Broadway shows, ballet, opera, and other events.  For th e Las Vegas Weekly